Learn more About my freelance work!

Read into the ideas for what this freelance project is built on, and what I strive to achieve as a result.

My Vision

A website should be easy for anyone to maintain.

I want every small and medium business to be able to easily modify their website and be easy for people to edit, no matter your skill level.

When I say “I hope to never see you again!”, I say it with love.

Moving forward, you will probably want to manage your website yourself or consult another web designer as your business grows. I want it to be simple enough for anyone to pick up where I left off! No hard feelings.

My Mission

To get your business online for an affordable fee.

During my time in the I.T. industry, I’ve identified cost as being a huge barrier to entry for small and medium businesses when it comes to starting your first website. It shouldn’t need to be so complicated!

My service is designed to be affordable and straightforward with the use of a questionnaire. Written by you, designed by me.

Have it your way, or have it handled for you.

Our questionnaire will prompt you to provide the content that goes in to your website. Include files of your choosing if desired, or have me curate some stock images for you.

Some questions you may have, answered.